AMBITION to Employ in South Ayrshire
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Ambition to Employ

It’s our ambition to create employment within South Ayrshire and the Ambition to Employ grant is for businesses who share this ambition.

Ambition to Employ provides a one off payment of £500 for every new member of staff you employ for a minimum of six months and pay at least minimum wage.

Ambition to Employ grants are agreed as part of our wider support programme, including our Ambition to Start grant and Ambition to Grow grant. They are approved at the same time and paid once you have employed someone for six months. The Ambition to Employ funding supports initial employment costs and transition to appropriate productivity levels.


Please note:

  • To secure an Ambition to Employ grant, your employee must be resident in South Ayrshire
  • Employment must be for at least 16 hours per week
  • Grants are limited to 15 new employees per business
  • This programme should be used in conjunction with relevant South Ayrshire Employability support and other Ambition programmes
  • Grant payment will be made once your employee has been in place for six months.


What can you expect?

  • During your engagement with your Business Adviser and the AMBITION programme, you’ll have identified an opportunity to increase your employment levels.
  • We’ll now connect you with the South Ayrshire Council Employability Team who will review your situation and identify all other employment support options available for you
  • Where appropriate, we’ll offer free HR consultancy to help you with the process of taking on an employee
  • Once you can show that you’ve employed an individual for at least 16 hours per week for six months, paying them minimum wage or more, we’ll pay you the grant. This grant is in addition to any other support that the Employability Team can provide.


What happens next?

  • Ambition to Employ supports our wider AMBITION programme, which begins with Ambition to Achieve.
  • Please register here
  • If you are already engaged with us, please talk to your Business Adviser about what you need to do next.


The Small Print

  • All grants are subject to South Ayrshire Council’s Standard Terms & Conditions
  • Grants are discretionary and South Ayrshire Council reserves the right to refuse any grant at its sole discretion. The Council reserves the right to vary the amount of grant at its sole discretion.
  • Where applications have any amounts owing to South Ayrshire Council, this will be taken into consideration in determining grant eligibility.
  • The provision of false information may lead to prosecution.
  • Grants can only be paid into business bank accounts.
  • Grants are provided on condition that the business meets the requirements laid out below –
  • 1. Within two years the business employs one permanent full-time employee, in addition to the business owner, at minimum wage or above.
  • 2. Employment must be on the basis of no less than 16 hours per week for a minimum period of 6 months, paying at least minimum wage.
  • 3. Companies failing to meet the above conditions will be liable to repay any funds awarded through this programme to the business in full.